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The Envelope Please - Oscar Winners in your Office

The Oscars are this weekend and I am totally looking forward to them.  It’s always fun to put my votes against those of the Academy (and my husband!)

It got me to thinking about a different kind of Oscar.  No, not that guy in South Africa with a fresh batch of personal problems but rather the “Office Oscars”.

  • Most Supportive Co-Worker – to the colleague who covers for you on those long breaks
  • Best Inspiring Manager – to the boss who starts nagging first thing on Monday morning
  • Best Collaborator – to the associate you meet in the elevator who helps solve a thing that’s been on your mind for days
  • Best Producer – to the group who keeps putting homemade treats in the kitchen
  • Best Special Effects – for the manager who leads a pretty good meeting even though you know he is royally hung over
  • Best Sound Effects – to the person in Vancouver who always sneezes into their headset during the webinar
  • Best Make up –  to the lady in the next cube who is also a Mary Kay rep
  • Best Costumes – to the colleague who can successfully purchase a whole outfit on a coffee break

So, there  you have it.  Who would you nominate?