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Oakville's Newcomers Information Centre Helps 1,500 to 2,000 New Immigrants

Oakville's  Newcomer Information Centre (NIC) assists with over 10,000 inquiries annually from 1,500 to 2,000 individuals per year (1% of Oakville's population). This does not include the newcomer's who have the resources to purchase a new home or private legal services, since they rarely require the NIC's assistance.

Many people in the process of various immigration and legal matters often ask themselves whether they should see a Lawyer, a Notary Public or a Commissioner of Oaths – in many cases, the Commissioner of Oaths can be the answer.

A Commissioner of Oaths can administer declarations, affidavits, certify true copies of original documents and true likeliness of photos for official documents; along with many other documents such as invitation letters and travel consent letters.

In order to help newcomers with some of their legal needs the NIC has been offering Commissioner of Oaths services for over 5 years. These services have always been offered at no cost,  but an appointment is necessary.

Many of the Oakville's NIC clients accessing Commissioner of Oaths services are internationally/foreign trained professionals (ITP) in need of certified true copies of educational documents and at times those who also need to complete certified photos, declarations and affidavits as part of the registration process with licensing bodies.

NIC has become a first point contact for newcomers in Oakville for accessing community information, settlement information and Commissioner of Oaths services. The NIC is located at 171 Speers Road, Unit 20 in the Centre for Education & Training. The closest intersection is Kerr Street & Speers Road in the same mall as the Encore movie theatre.

For those interested in an appointment or have Commissioner of Oaths questions they can call Oakville's Newcomer Information Centre at (905) 875-3851 ext 5008                           

The Centre for Education & Training is a non-for-profit community-based organization that offers career and employment services, youth programs, newcomer settlement and language services, international projects and corporate human resources services.  Everyone is welcome at any  Newcomer Information Centres; our commitment is helping newcomers to succeed in Canada. For further information please visit: or send your questions to: [email protected]