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Oakville Chamber President & CEO elected to CCEC Board of Directors

France Fournier | Tania Haldar
France Fournier | Tania Haldar

At its 2022 AGM held in Ottawa, the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada (CCEC) elected its Board of Directors for 2022-23.

The CCEC Board is comprised of 20-25 representatives from across Canada, drawn from members in each province. France Fournier, CEO of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, was nominated and elected as a representative from Ontario.

The Board serves as the governing body of the organization, and board members are responsible for setting the strategic direction and ensuring that resources are aligned to deliver programs that meet strategic plan goals and member needs.

“I am honoured to be appointed to the CCEC board and look forward to working with Chamber Executives across Canada to support the Chamber Network.  Local Chambers of Commerce live at the intersection of business, government and community and have an important role to play in supporting their business communities in problem-solving, communicating, and advocating on their behalf,” stated France Fournier.

About the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada (CCEC)

The Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada, formed in 1967, is an organization dedicated to the professional development of Chamber professionals. Membership includes 175 chambers of commerce from across Canada, with participation by 450 professionals employed by those chambers.

CCEC programs focus on professional development, member resources, network development and collaboration designed to help chamber executives be more effective in chamber management.

About the Oakville Chamber of Commerce

The Oakville Chamber was established in 1949 with a mission to foster a healthy, engaged and sustainable business environment and economy. We operate with our members’ best interests at heart. We are here to help you connect, communicate and build a strong united business community. We are your Podium of Record – where you can come for trusted and valued business advocacy and support.