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North Oakville Business Forum coming soon to support local businesses

Ward 7 councillors Nanda and Xie announced the plan last week at the ward Town Hall meeting.
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Mike Petrucci on UnSplash
Mike Petrucci on UnSplash

Do you run a small business in North Oakville? You may soon get support with networking, resources and promotion through a local business association coming up in Ward 7 of our town. Nav Nanda, regional and town councillor of the Ward, discussed the creation of the business forum in the Town Hall meeting last week. 

North Oakville communities have been and continue to grow rapidly. Local business owners recently moving into these neighbourhoods will benefit from the forum, Nanda hopes.

"We want to encourage our residents to support the amazing services available right here in our neighbourhood. We will continue to have regular Town Hall Meetings to encourage community engagement," she adds.

Oakville Ward 7 councillors Scott Xie and Nav Nanda | Nav Nanda
Oakville Ward 7 councillors Scott Xie and Nav Nanda | Nav Nanda

Nanda had tried to form the forum as part of the local Residents’ Association a few years ago. Unfortunately, with the pandemic hitting, the initiative got stalled.

The business forum will also give new business owners opportunities to gain visibility and seek guidance from experienced entrepreneurs.

"We will continue to explore avenues for promoting the small businesses going forward," Nanda shares. She also plans to host Town Halls dedicated explicitly to businesses shortly.  

Last week, the town hall meeting was the first to be held after Councillors Nav Nanda and Scott Xie were elected in Ward 7 last year.

The councillors also discussed several topics of interest, such as fire safety, the 2023 budget, waste management, and the new Sixteen Mile Sports Complex.

"Councillor Scott Xie and I discussed the important issues in Oakville along with our stakeholders from Halton Police, Halton Fire, HDSB School Trustee Kelly Amos, Catholic School Trustee Chris Saunders, and the North Oakville Ward 7 Residents Association," Nanda’s social media post mentions.