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Mobile Essentials for Career Management

With smartphones in our pockets and tablets by our TVs, there is no excuse for not paying attention to what’s happening in the world.

It is now so simple to stay in touch with you network and keep a pulse on jobs in your field. It should be as natural as Facebook and coffee.

Dropbox is a free service that allows you to keep files in the cloud. You can keep a few versions of your resume and some sample cover letters in your Dropbox. Download the app and you will have access to them anywhere. You can also change and save on the fly.

Search for jobs on Indeed and then email postings to yourself or a friend. Indeed remembers your last few searches and shows the new jobs added since your last search. You can build your resume and have it available for things you want to apply for right away.

When you search TweetMyJobs all you need to do is enter the job title, industry and location and it will search for you.  You can choose to get the job info by text, email or Twitter.

Felt is an iPad app that that allows you to send personal handwritten thank you cards by hand writing the note on your iPad and telling Felt know where to send it.

LinkedIn allows you to take your professional network with you wherever you go. You have immediate access to your network and important updates such as when someone posts a lead for a neat position. You can also search for jobs and save them to apply to later on.

If all else fails, head to the App store and pick out a mixology app – there are a couple dozen to choose from.  It won’t inspire you or get you a raise but it might make you feel better in the interim.