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Let's Not Develop Merton Lands: Here's Why!

merton-openhouse13may15-optionC 2 | Town of Oakville
merton-openhouse13may15-optionC 2 | Town of Oakville

On March 19 the Town is hosting a public information meeting regarding the potential development of the Merton Lands.  This large swath of greenspace (578 acres) includes Saw-whet golf course, Deerfield golf course and Fourteen Mile Creek. I am strongly against even considering development in this area for a number of reasons:

·   Oakville has already met Provincially-mandated growth targets in  its Official Plan - you can see the rapid development happening north of Dundas.  Do we really need to sacrifice even more of our precious greenspace?

·   we have not budgeted for any additional growth.

·   the environmental studies which will be used to determine which areas can be developed on Saw-whet were done by the development industry!  Does that sound like a good idea to you?

·   if Saw-whet and Deerfield are given the green light for development, is Glen Abbey Golf Course next?

·   the vast majority of the Merton lands were purchased by the Province in 1978 for passive recreation - shouldn't that vision remain?

I am hoping the public will speak up on this important issue.

Here's what you can do:

·   read the information on my website to find out more about the lands

·   attend the public information meeting on March 19 and voice your concerns

·   spread the word to family, friends and neighbours (feel free to forward this email widely)

·   let me know your thoughts on this issue by replying to this email or giving me a call (416-709-0082).  I am trying to gauge the public's opinion - some at Town Hall say the public doesn't care.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you will come to the March 19th meeting at the QE Park Community & Cultural Centre at 7:00 PM.