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It’s time for the straight goods about the recruitment process

Recruiting ConfusionFor years, the recruiting business has been shrouded in mystery. Really great recruiters had big rolodexes on their desks. They knew everyone and more importantly, they knew who was coming and who was going. It was that insider knowledge that provided value to their clients. Lots of openings were not even advertised. People got referred by someone inside or recommend by someone outside. It all happened quietly, off to the side.

Not any more. The internet has opened up an abundance of information to us all: candidates and employers alike. It is a dramatically different landscape. Think about it. When you have a bad day, you can vent on Twitter. When you decide it’s time to find a new gig, you can change your status on LinkedIn or post it on your blog. You can search and find hiring managers where you want to work and not just wait to be found. And the same goes for employers. Gone are the days of print ads in the Report on Business. Even job descriptions look different. Who ever heard of “an employee value proposition”? It’s a whole new world.