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How to use LinkedIn to figure out what to do next: Oakville Recruiter

If you are starting to get itchy but not sure what your next move might be, here’s a research strategy using LinkedIn that might help.

Go to the Advanced search page (Click on Advanced – it’s in little letters to the right of the search box at the top of the page).  Look for the title field and fill it in with your title. As you start to type, a box will appear to select whether you want to see people who have your title or people who have had your title in the past. Click “past only”. You can put in some geographical criteria or select your industry specifically if you would like to narrow things down a little.

This will give you a list of folks who have done what you do and give you an idea of what they are doing now. You can also see what paths they have taken and maybe even gain some insight into their education and credentials.

If no one with your title comes up in your search, then you need to figure out what your job is called in the rest of the world. Try searching for specific technical terms or activities unique to your job. This knowledge will be very helpful when you are ready to look for real.

When you find the profile of someone with a way cool career path, don’t hesitate to connect with them. Maybe they will be able to share some of what they have learned on the way.