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How to Stay Motivated to Make a Change: Oakville Recruiter

It feels like the dark days of winter are still here. I know that it is getting lighter earlier (my dog is pretty happy about that) but it’s still cold and the wind still blows right through me.

It is really tough to feel inspired. Usually, at this point, soft spring breezes are causing grins, patios and a general loosening of our cranked up shoulders.

But trust me, there is inspiration everywhere. You just have to look for it. Here are some ideas on where to look.

TED Talks – I went to bed last night feeling great. Rather than reading my email before turning off the light, I watched a TED talk given by a stand up comic with cerebral palsy from New Jersey. She was gracious, forward and frankly, hilarious.

My husband went to a gala in Oakville last night that recognized men in the community who have made a difference in raising the awareness about violence against women. These men have gone out of their way and sometimes, against the norms to really help people. (You can read about this at

I met a candidate yesterday who has been very active in Toastmasters. He joined his local group as a way to get to know some new people and maybe improve his personal presentation style. It turns out that he has not only met some cool people but been coached by those very same people. He has faced lots of his fears about public speaking and is now starting to help others do the same.

So look around. Talk to people in your network. See what’s going on. I bet it won’t take long for you to find something that makes you smile.