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How to start your Kitchen Remodel: Oakville Interior Decorator

Are you thinking about taking the plunge and remodelling your kitchen? Are you itching to breathe new life into an outdated kitchen?Whether your kitchen needs a little refurbishment - maybe new door fronts or cabinets - or it requires a total re-do, remodelling can be a daunting task. Before you dive in, follow these Top 5 Tips and you'll be able to take on the task of your kitchen remodel and move ahead swimmingly. Remember there is always help!

Kitchen Remodel Top 5 Tips

Design by Kathleen Steele Design by Kathleen Steele

1 .What is your style? 

Often I work with clients that have a file with tear outs from decorator magazines, and images and article from the web.  And you should do this too!  What is your style?  this can be a long process on its own.  There are great websites with beautiful pictures of finished kitchen.  Take a look and some time and establish your likes and dislikes.  As you explore a clear picture of your desired style will begin to emerge.

2. Define Your New Kitchen

Evaluate just what is the reason for the kitchen remodel.  Is this your dream home or will you be selling your home in a few years.  What is the function of the kitchen?  Are you a baker, budding chief, or is entertaining and family dinners the priority.  As an Interior Decorator, we would assess your needs and wants and develop the new overall kitchen concept.

3. The dreaded ‘Budget'

Does it really cost that much?  Today’s kitchen remodels are an investment for sure and the materials that are being used today are on the high end.  You have granite counter tops, painted cabinets, and commercial grade appliances.  Picking and choosing where you want to spend and save is up to you. Conducting abit of research into the costs of your wish list item will help you establish a budget.

4. Timelines & Hiring Trade Professionals

Is there a time that would work best for the Kitchen Remodel?  It is also important to be interviewing potential renovators and Interior Decorators at this time.  Make sure you will be able to work with the best as they are booked usually 30days out.  This also gives you time to speak with other clients that have worked with them.

5. Do you have…Great Expectation!

What are reasonable expectations?  This is completely different for everyone, but being flexible and open-minded will help.  Discussing the ins and outs of kitchen remodeling with friends and colleagues can help to understand the renovation process better.  Remember know two projects are the same.

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Design by Kathleen Steele Design by Kathleen Steele