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Cameron's wins gold at World Beer Awards

Cruising Through the Galaxy Hazy IPA by Cameron's Brewing in Oakville walks away for the gold.
The staff at Cameron
The staff at Cameron's Brewing Company celebrates winning the gold at the World Beer Awards. | Cameron Brewing

The results are in! Cruising Through the Galaxy Hazy IPA by Cameron's Brewing Company wins Gold.

The World Beer Awards, an international organization that selects the very best beers of the year, has honoured Canada’s own Cameron’s Brewing with the coveted title of World’s Best Milkshake IPA/New England IPA. Sharing the stage with established breweries from across the globe—from Brazil to Germany to Japan—Oakville’s family-run craft brewery wowed judges with its, mixture of papaya, lemon and passionfruit that delights the senses.

“Cameron’s Brewing could not be prouder of this prestigious award,” says Clint Israel, President of Cameron’s. “To be named the world’s best New England IPA, and be up against hundreds of accomplished breweries from all over the world, is a dream come true.”

In this 21st World Beer Awards ceremony, nearly 100 judges tasted 2,000 beers from 400 breweries. Judges the world over said that the 2021 competition had a particularly high standard of entrants.

“This year’s edition of the World Beer Awards judging in Canada was the largest I have yet overseen, and I was generally very impressed by the quality of all the Canadian entries,” says Stephen Beaumont, co-author of the World Atlas of Beer and overseer of the event’s Canadian judging. “That impression was confirmed later at the overall judging in London, England, where Canadian breweries scored more ‘World’s Best’ awards than did any other country.”

Unveiled on October 30, 2020, Cameron’s 2021 winner, Cruising Through the Galaxy Hazy IPA, tastes like a summer day. Smooth, tropical and juicy, the IPA is unlike any other product on the market and was distinguished as one of only two Ontario breweries to win an award at the event.

Cameron’s Brewing started as a hobby in 1997, making all of its beers on-site with a combination of craft and chemistry. The company’s award-winning products have been recognized more than 250 times at local, national and worldwide brewing awards, including 18 major beer awards in 2019 alone.

“We are always excited to be recognized for the team’s hard work, dedication and diligence,” says Jason Britton, Vice President and Brewmaster at Cameron’s Brewing.

Available at the LCBO, the Beer Store and grocery store chains, Cameron’s also offers free home delivery across Ontario. Find Cameron’s on tap at your local bar or restaurant, and visit the Oakville-area brewery to try its award-winning brews.

Bottom: Clint Israel- President
Middle:Jason Britton -Brewmaster/Vice President 
Top: Kyran Maine- Head Brewer | Cameron
Bottom: Clint Israel- President Middle:Jason Britton -Brewmaster/Vice President Top: Kyran Maine- Head Brewer | Cameron's Brewing Company