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Beware Your Digital Tail: Oakville Recruiter

What did you do in high school?  Were you the class prankster in college?  Is there evidence of your antics on social media?  Have you checked?

There have been a whole bunch of incidents recently that are going to follow people around for the rest of their careers.

Gautam Setia was asked to leave Appleby College when he was caught with a smoking bong in his room the night before his last exam.  He got a high school diploma but not an Appleby diploma.  He parents decided that he deserved an Appleby diploma and they are suing the school.  Whether you agree or disagree with the parents decision, whenever someone looks up his name, all they will see is a long trail of newspaper stories that mention “expel” and “bong”.  Not good for employment prospects at all.

Last week, videos surfaced that showed university students on both coasts shouting inappropriate and offensive chants as part of frosh week. No matter how you feel about the chants, if the students are tagged, named or otherwise identified, it will follow them for years.  If any of these frosh were considering a career in the law or politics, this may leave a very long and ass biting trail.

So watch out and be careful.  And if you are looking for a career with a serious future, consider starting an “internet wiping” service.  It looks like lots of people are going to need it.