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Are You Home Renovation Ready?

Stop!  Before you get too excited and start taking a hammer to the wall, ask yourself, are you renovation ready?  Sadly, I have heard time and time again renovations horror stories from home owners; contractors leaving the site without project completion, timelines being extended for weeks sometimes months, and the budget going through the roof.   Here is a checklist to get you started.

Renovation Check List

How much are you going to spend?

Does it really cost that much?  Establishing a budget that includes all the expenses is the best way to start.  Include all materials, labour cost, and permits needed to complete your project.  Also, include little items like moving or storage expenses.  And have a contingency fund of at least 10% for unforeseen site complications.

Design Development

Now that you have an established budget, developing the design is a little earlier.  You can ask to see materials that are now in your price range.  For example, a granite counter top cost $90-$125 a square foot, compared to laminate that is $12-$22 a linear foot.  Which counter top will fit your established budget?  Now you know which choice to select and source.

Plan, Plan, Plan…

Developing the timeline for the project is a very important step to completing the project on time.  With the timeline you then can access if there are issues you will need to address such as: when materials are required on site and when trades need to have work completed.

home-renovation-roi-plan-before-you-do-300x199Hiring Trades Professionals

Hiring Trades Professionals

Trades people are a very important aspect of the design, they make it a reality.  Making a visit to a project completed by the trades people you are considering hiring is the best way to hire trades for your project.

Hiring Other Professionals

You may feel a bit overwhelmed on some areas of you project.  Hiring an Architect, Engineer, or Certified Interior Decorator may be required at some developmental stages of the project.  These professionals can offer their expertise, drawings, and revised renderings on the project.  Also, some projects are not D-I-Y (do it yourself), hiring good trades people will save you money and much time, especially if mistakes are made.