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Portugal, Variety and Value: Oakville Sommelier

Wines of Portugal
Wines of Portugal
Wines of Portugal Wines of Portugal Annual Grand Tasting

Wines of Portugal Annual Grand Tasting

Wine has been produced in Portugal for thousands of years. With over 250 indigenous varieties in the mix, you are sure to find a style of wine you like! What you will also find is that most wine in Portugal is blended as opposed to produced as a single varietal.

For white wine drinkers, Vinho Verde (young, green) blends are low alcohol and have high acidity which makes them refreshing and a great food wine. They are generally dry or off-dry, and can be a bit effervescent. Think: “Fresh summer wine” - A great aperitif, pairs well with salads and seafood, also works well with spicy asian dishes due to its low alcohol content which offsets the heat.

For red wine drinkers, Touriga Nacional is an excellent blend to drink both on its own or with food because of the well balanced acidity and tannins in the wine, easy to pair with poultry, red meats, and cheese. You may also recognize this grape as one of several used in red Port wine.

Baga is a big red wine traditionally produced as a single varietal. With a structure of high acid and tannins, it has something in common with the rich Barolo varietal found in northern Italy. Drink this wine with food, pairing with game, red meats, and stews made with this wine.

Besides variety, I have found Portugal to make great quality wine which you can find at a value price. One of the top producers of Portuguese wines, Alianca Vinhos de Portugal, offers these wines in Ontario:

Vinho Verde: Alianca Vinho Verde $8.95

Touriga Nacional: Foral Douro $8.95

Baga: Alianca Terra Boa Tinto $7.75

Speaking of wine, what has been happening in Oakville? The Oakville Wine Enthusiasts Club is gearing up for a terrific trip to the County, Prince Edward County that is. During this Spring Fling ticket holders will be tasting great wines while attending the Terroir County Wines Festival and tasting at Karlo Estates.

So there you have it: Portugal, Variety and Value