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Phillips Tries Something New In The Hangover Part III: 3.5/5

hangover3 | Movie - Tyler
hangover3 | Movie - Tyler

After a memorable original and a very forgettable sequel, director Todd Phillips decided to go back to the drawing board, coming up with something different and exciting for his conclusion to The Hangover legend.

[movies name="The Hangover Part III" website="" opens="May 23, 2013" score="3.5" trailer="" rating="14a" advisories="COARSE LANGUAGE;NUDITY" genre="Comedy" runningtime="100"]

Following a reckless bachelor party and ridiculous wedding, our three stooges Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) find themselves on a wild goose chase hunting down the one and only Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong), after Alan’s brother in law Doug (Justin Bartha) is held hostage by a ruthless gangster named Marshall (John Goodman), who is thirsty for Mr. Chow’s blood after a past confrontation. Once the Wolfpack agrees to get Alan treatment for his mental issues, they are violently assaulted by Marshall, giving them no choice but to pursue Chow in order to save Doug’s life.


For the final entry to his trilogy, Phillips decided to escape into uncharted territory, concluding a series known for drugs and alcohol into a complete caper adventure film.

Although the comedic writing could have been wittier and the newcomers could have used some more development, the film exceeds where the second installment failed, by granting us something we haven’t seen before. Just as we think the movie is about to fall back into its generic design, it takes an unpredictable left turn, in a grand scale kind of way.

The Wolfpack returns for one last gig in The Hangover Part III The Wolfpack returns for one last gig in Todd Phillips The Hangover Part III

The Wolfpack returns for one last gig in Todd Phillips The Hangover Part III

Phillips made sure to end the series off with epic and explosive intentions, giving it a much different formula in comparison to the others. He also helps us feel for our heroes, though draws the line to make sure the audience doesn’t take them seriously.

The film also brings back notable characters from the first chapter and lets antagonist John Goodman steal the silver screen, throwing us on the edge of our seats with the intensity of his screen time. I never knew Fred Flintstone could be so badass.

There is no doubt the film is unable to top the first one, but definitely surpasses its successor. If Phillips were to end his popular trilogy, this is definitely the way to do it, disregarding what critics would think and having fun with his crew

Go watch The Hangover Part III, it’s the last time we’re going to see these guys.