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Oakville Eats: Circus chocolates

Photo credit: Martijn Nijenhuis / / CC BY-ND Photo credit: Martijn Nijenhuis / / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: Martijn Nijenhuis / / CC BY-ND

As a serious chocoholic, a favourite hang out for me is Circus Chocolates located at 109 Thomas Street just north of Lakeshore. Conchita and Marshall have been in the chocolate and ice cream business for years. They make a Belgium chocolate ice cream cake that is so delicious - that your taste buds jump up and down in sheer joy. Recently they added beverages to the menu - so you can relax with a decadent cup of chocolate, delicious teas, or drop dead good kicking horse coffee.

All the chocolates are made in house with top quality chocolate from Belgium, and the array is endless. The truffles melt in your mouth, dark chocolate covered ginger, or according to the season shapes and figures for gift giving. Circus also provides an excellent specialty items for weddings, baby showers, bar mitzvah, and elegant events. So if you are looking for something special - remember chocolate is always a welcome gift.

The ice cream - what can I say - it is superb. Marshall makes a classic ice cream with only natural ingredients and flavours. Ice cream is available all year - but the really large selection comes out in the spring. If you want to have real ice cream, Circus is the place to indulge.

So for a serious chocolate fix, excellent cup of coffee, or a delicious scoop of ice cream - Circus Chocolates  is the go to chocolatier for Oakville and possibly the world! Can you tell I like this place?