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Oakville by Interior Design: Get Office & Study Area Ready!

For some us, we are getting the kids ready for back to school; organizing school supplies, cleaning out old books, and other craft papers. As, the children get older, having a desk and study area is very important to ensure good study habits, and hopefully great marks. This is all good stuff, but how is your desk area looking? Are your papers in piles and filing older than a month? Well I confess, my desk is a bit of a mess and un-organized, as I have been enjoying the summer time too. For help - check out these tips.

Check List

Choose an appropriate area?

With young students it’s okay for them to complete homework at the kitchen table, but as they get older creating a study nook in their room or office is important. For all of us, either going to school or working from home, finding that perfect private spot to excel will ensure great results. It is important that the area you choose does have a lot of distraction, like Tv, computer, and roommates.

The desk…

This is the most important piece of furniture you will purchase. What are your needs? Do you need filling drawers, open or closed storage, and large or small desk top? Do you need to have a spot for a printer? How much floor space do you have? Of course colour and style are important too! Making your area look good makes you feel good.

Sturdy Shelving Sturdy Shelving

Sturdy Shelving

Vertical Storage

Depending on your budget, and style of the desk, some desks come with a hutch or shelving unit. These additional units are great for storing books, and items you will require to complete your tasks. If your desk does not come with a hutch unit, sturdy shelving should be added to the wall in front of the desk. Both will serve as good storage especially in smaller floor spaces.

Storage Accessories

Having small boxes and baskets may work for you for organizing smaller items. But again, access the needs and what will work. For younger students having open pencil holders is better, than having the pencils stored in a drawer. Baskets that are narrow depth work well for smaller items, where deeper baskets work better for paper and mail.

So, as Labour Day approaches, and our summer wides down, getting our office and study areas organized and ready for a new school/work year should not be hard with a little thought and planning.