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Noble Bistro has staying power

JohnRoss Woodland's restaurant Noble Bistro has staying power.
Schnitzel | OakvilleNews.Org
Schnitzel | OakvilleNews.Org

Noble Bistro moved into one of the more difficult restaurant locations along Lakeshore Road East in Downtown Oakville. Over the last several years, the location has seen three restaurants come and go, so I was curious to see what the newest rendition would be.

Noble Bistro brings dynamic Chef JohnRoss Woodlands to Oakville. Chef JohnRoss has been around food all his life as his parents owned a grocery store in Picton, Ontario. He's trained with several top chefs and won the first season of "Chopped Canada". The chef is serving exceptionally well prepared and locally sourced dishes. I want to call it: Canadian Cuisine with a US Twist. Each meal can be paired with a top-rate Ontario wine. However, they do have a selection of wines from several countries.

Noble Bistro’s atmosphere is light and refreshing, with original art, rough wooden tables, and comfortable chairs and benches. You are greeted at the door with a warm hello, and if you’ve made a reservation, you’re quickly seated. Even when the restaurant is full you can have a normal level conversation.

Service is the weakest link at Noble. Serving staff care a great deal but aren’t yet trained on how to talk about the menu. Since the restaurant is new, I made a few allowances; hopefully, it is a kink that will be worked out over time. The restaurant is not wheelchair accessible, with several steps at the entrance, and the washroom is in the basement.

The meals we had were well executed and presented. There were unique flavour combinations, which are always a fun element for anyone who enjoys a good meal. Portions were well balanced, allowing diners to enjoy a full three-course meal and not feel overwhelmed. I've dined here three times. The first two times was with friends, and the final time was for lunch. There is a children's menu.

Whether your meal is meat, fish or fowl, JohnRoss understands how to elicit the best flavours possible. The menu encompasses about five items for appetizers and about the same for main courses. What always impresses me is when the chef prepares desserts in house. JohnRoss does, and they are delicious. The menu changes regularly, based on availability and freshness of ingredients. The chef also makes allowances for allergies and special requests if possible.

Prices for dinner range from $8 to $18 for appetizers and $23 to $39 for mains. Lunch prices range from $8 to $12 for appetizers and $14 to $24 for mains. Desserts are $8.00. There is a children’s menu with fan favourites at $15. Wines are available by the glass, and they range from affordable to stratospheric.

JohnRoss Woodland's restaurant Noble Bistro has staying power.

If you are looking for a delicious meal, I would recommend the Noble Bistro.

Noble Bistro

218 Lakeshore Rd E