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Movie review: action comedy The Fall Guy rises to the top

Ryan Gosling as Colt in "The Fall Guy"

Full of stunts, swoons and surprises, Universal’s opening to summer blockbuster season The Fall Guy is more than just a great night out at the movies: it might one of the most romantic action movies ever made.

Being a Hollywood stuntman comes with a reasonable expectation of having a nature toughness and resilience - that’s part of what’s needed to be safe on the job. Where the movie finds its originality in showing tough guys on screen is these stunt people are also showing their vulnerability and social courage, bringing balance to the story.

Loosely based on an 80s TV series of the same name, this movie-about-making-a-movie is largely entertaining not just because of the fast-paced action scenes but also because of the ensemble cast’s sincerity and heart. Because many of them are friends working to help each other succeed, it’s easy for us as an audience to root for them so they can finally get the big movie done.

Ryan Gosling (in an even bigger heartthrob role than last summer’s megahit Barbie) plays Colt Seavers, a stuntman who’s back to work after a serious injury working movie star and longtime friend Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

Most of the plot is driven by Colt getting back to work on an sci-fi movie directed by his ex-girlfriend Jody (Emily Blunt) and his mission to track down star Tom who’s mysteriously gone missing.

The only real strike against the story is the implausibility of Colt legally being able to do the stunt he does in the movies when fighting the mobsters and back guys keeping him from finding Tom. While the stunts are great, don’t think too hard why the police aren’t more upset about Colt’s fist fights or damage to public property.

Once you suspend your disbelief, the remaining parts of The Fall Guy are all excellent. Gosling and Blunt are grounded actors who maximize their relationship and high-stakes goals with humour and sincerity - the most important qualities in this kind of film.

The Fall Guy astoundingly rises to the challenge of being fun, exciting, clever, modest, heartfelt and uplifting all at once. It’s a great blockbuster for everyone to kick-start the summer movie season.

The Fall Guy

8 out of 10

PG, 2hrs 6mins. Action Comedy.

Directed by David Leitch.

Starring Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Hannah Waddingham, Winston Duke, Stephanie Hsu and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Now Playing at Film.Ca Cinemas, 5 Drive-In, Cineplex Winston Churchill & VIP and Cineplex Oakville & VIP.