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Jurassic Breaks Out of the Park: 5/5

Jurassic Park Imran Jabbar
Jurassic Park Imran Jabbar

Nostalgia. Its something we can’t always explain, but its something we know too damn well.

Watching the treacherous Tyrannosaurs Rex in an attempt to gobble down two traumatized children, I couldn’t help but reminisce of my own desensitized childhood of when I first saw Jurassic Park. It was beautiful.


[movies name="Jurassic Park (3D)" website="" opens="" score="5.0" trailer="" rating="pg" advisories="FRIGHTENING SCENES" genre="Science Fiction" runningtime="125"]

Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking science fiction adventure film is back on the silver screen, this time with the special guest appearance of 3D glasses. Not being a fan of 3D in film, I was leaning towards my skeptic side, but I couldn’t deny the opportunity of viewing a spectacle so personal in such a format. I’m glad I caved.

The movie tells us an interesting and intricate plot revolving around science and life. Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), a long time and dedicated Palaeontologist is summoned by scientist John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) to overlook the safety of his new establishment, Jurassic Park. The park is consumed with cloned dinosaur exhibits of all kinds. After a tour gone wrong due to a power failure, the dinosaurs run amok, terrorizing the helpless scientists.

After 10 years, Jurassic Park remains to give us state of the art visual effects that have no chance in being dated, uncomfortable and brain teasing scares and a phenomenal soundtrack by John Williams that I will never get over.

The films 3D involvement helped elevate the experience to something we’ve never witnessed before, almost convincing us that our heads are about to be gnawed off by those menacing velociraptors. There are a couple of scenes where the 3D could’ve used some more work but it never takes away from the thrilling spell the movie has us under.

Go watch Jurassic Park. Childhood is important.