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Hexagon Restaurant is world class

Hexagon | OakvilleNews.Org
Hexagon | OakvilleNews.Org

Hexagon is where delicious food meets art. In 2018 Toronto Life rated Hexagon as one of the GTA's top restaurants. This level of praise is not easily won when a restaurant charges five-star prices. It definitively rates a Michelin Star.

Located in Downtown Oakville's Towne Square, residents were disappointed by the closure of the Green Bean. The café was a staple of downtown life. We all wondered why anyone shutters a successful business. Then it became clear that the old Atelier Grigorian and the Green Bean were being merged.

Was a new and larger café being built? However, construction took a long time - 2 years. Why would a café take such a long time to build? There were rumours about it becoming a champagne bar, and the liquor license held up the process.

Hexagon |  Interior
Hexagon | Interior

What arrived is a sleek contemporary space with windows that open to a spacious outdoor patio. Planters surround the patio with softly shaped boxwoods.

There is also this curious space off to the side with a vast marble and glass bar. It is different than the rest of the restaurant.

I've now eaten at Hexagon three times: once for dinner with friends, lunch with a wine expert, and finally for brunch with my lovely wife.

Our close friends have eaten in Michelin-rated restaurants across Europe. Collecting for 30-plus years, the wine expert has a private collection of 2,500 top vintages from around the globe. My wife is one of the few people who can taste something, identify every ingredient, and recreate the dish. For my part, I love to eat.


Hexagon |  Interior
Hexagon | Interior

The modern interior space is inviting, the seating is comfortable, a floating oval fireplace, and the kitchen opens into the dining room. The seating is a combination of individual chairs and benches. You can have a pleasant conversation regardless of how many people are in the restaurant.


The food is what truly sets Hexagon apart. For our first experience, we all chose the 9-course tasting menu. It is $130.00 and an additional $70 for the wine pairing. This price point can be intimidating but is worth every penny. Each course is a work of art. However, beyond being beautiful, the taste experience is accessible and surprising. There is also a choice of a 4-course Prix fix at $85 or an à la carte menu.

As an example:

  1. Wine pairing with each course consisted of a glass of wine or a carefully crafted cocktail.
  2. Dessert was a hanging chocolate sphere that was freeze-dried. When you tapped it, it shattered, and what out came appeared to be snowflakes.

The menu does change regularly.

When you think about the price, consider what it would cost to go out for dinner and a play.


The à la carte lunch menu was small but well-considered. The prices are reasonable for the environment, level of service, and food quality. For this meal, I asked the wine expert to come along. I don't drink, so I can't make an informed decision. We ordered an appetizer, main course and dessert. The sommelier was asked to choose the best wine for the appetizer and main.

The sommelier also proffered a complimentary glass of ice wine when we ordered dessert. He mentioned that this wine went well with my dessert. I offered my guest to sample the wine with my dessert. From the smile that went across my guest's face, the choice was perfect.

They discussed wines from the year and region to each vintage's nuances throughout lunch. Hexagon's sommelier is an expert.


Hexagon |  Heuzos Rancheros
Hexagon | Heuzos Rancheros

My wife and I sat down to an à la carte menu for brunch, a selection that might be considered typical brunch items. However, again what stood apart was the chef's creativity. My wife ordered Heuzos Rancheros.   This showed how a great chef takes a simple dish and makes it a gastronomic delight. Again the prices were reasonable.


The service overall was what one expects at a high-end establishment. The servers anticipated our needs, understood the fine details of the menu, and made us feel welcome. The sommelier's exemplary understanding ensured his pairings brought out the best in each course. 

My experience at Hexagon was terrific, and I look forward to many more memorable meals with friends and family.

The rank for Hexagon is 4.99 out of 5.

(Updated: March 06, 2023)


210 Lakeshore Road East

(905) 844-1286