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Food: A Muslim Perspective

"Eat and drink but waste not by excess for God loves not the wasters-"
Quraan Chapter al-A`raf 7:31

Moderation in food and drink has been advised by the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him ). Food is a great blessing from God. Unfortunately, we waste  a considerable amount food today  because of excess preparation, large serving sizes and  from overeating.  Careful meal planning is not only of benefit to ourselves, but will enable us to put aside cans of food on a weekly basis to distribute to Oakville's food bank; Fairshare Food Bank.

Photo credit: avlxyz / / CC BY-SA Photo credit: avlxyz / / CC BY-SA

Today approximately 1/3 of our population is obese that unfortunately  is a cause for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. For the first time in this century we are expecting a decrease in life expectancy due largely to obesity and related illnesses. We need to address this major public health issue which requires education as well as self-discipline. Remember when we place food in our mouth, it only tastes good for a few moments and then we carry this excess weight around for years causing us major health issues, decreases our quality of life  and shortens  our life expectancy.

We are reminded by the Prophet that "there is no worse vessel  for the son of Adam to fill  except his stomach but if he must fill it then let him allow  1/3 food , 1/3 drink and 1/3 air"

Not to eat excessively just sufficient to maintain health and strength - these are important points for all to remember.  Our body has a right over us. It is important to ensure that we are adequately exercising, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.