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Celadon House: Oakville Eats

Asian fusion is defined as a combination of different culinary elements which does not fall under any specific category. What is better than combining the best of everything together?

I have visited a few restaurants that specialize in fusion cuisine and I heard some good reviews about Celadon House in Oakville. Celadon House is an Asian fusion restaurant with a blend of Southeast Asian dishes. Celadon House can be found off of Ford Drive, a good location because it is easy to spot while driving; the modern facade of the establishment ensures that it stands out from the other stores and restaurants around it.

The restaurant's cleanliness was the first thing I noticed, as the interior seems to be somewhat newly renovated. I was greeted by the owner who took his time going through each category on the menu to describe the most popular dishes. I initially planned to order the Fresh House Rolls for an appetizer but they are only available from Thursdays to Saturdays every week. As I came to Celadon House on a Sunday, I ordered the Spring Rolls instead without setting any high expectations because I often eat Vietnamese Spring Rolls. For the entrée, I ordered the Cha Beehon, which is known as a local favourite of Celadon House.

The ambiance of the restaurant could be improved because silence takes over the room as there is no music playing in the background. On the other hand, the owners take advantage of the natural light coming in from the windows to dim the interior lights. The furniture colours are a mix of nude and dark tones and the booths all around the dining area create a comfortable atmosphere. The reception area is equipped with a coat rack and a couch for those people waiting to be seated.

Food service and quality at Celadon House is good, I didn't wait long for my appetizer to be served. The spring rolls were served with a side of sweet chili sauce and were delicious. I really liked how the outside was crisp and as I bit into the roll; the flavour of the vegetables and shrimp instantly hit the spot. The entrée, Cha Beehon, was a specialty rice noodle made with vegetables, chicken strips and shrimps and was topped off with garlic bits. Unfortunately the chicken strips didn't taste fresh because they tasted a little dry and I got a lot of the broken pieces of rice noodles.

One thing that is always important for any restaurant is the cleanliness of the washrooms and Celadon House has got it on lock. Air in the washrooms is well-ventilated and the stalls are clean.

Overall, I rate Celadon House 3/5, where the cleanliness, customer service and food taste gets my thumbs up. Areas for improvement would be food quality and ambiance. My bill came to a total of $23.14 for tea, 1 appetizer and 1 entrée. The pricing of Celadon House is not inexpensive but considered average pricing.

While I wouldn't recommend going out of your way, but if you're ever in the area, visit Celadon House and try out their spring rolls! I am planning to come back to try their Fresh House Rolls on a day when they are available.