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An Internship Not Worth Taking: 2/5

They have appeared in movies together before... but they were never this bad.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn return side by side in this year's latest comedy, The Internship, directed by mediocre director Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Date Night), adding yet another forgetful flick under his belt.


The “comedy” follows two salesmen Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) who have hit a new low, losing their careers to the progressive world of digitalism. Trying to get back on track, the duo decides to prove their superiors wrong by wriggling into an internship at the one and only Google. Little do they know, they have been placed alongside the most elite and tech-savvy individuals, elevating their struggle to a whole new level.

[movies name="The Internship" website="" opens="June 7, 2013" score="2.0" trailer="" rating="pg" advisories="LANGUAGE MAY OFFEND" genre="Comedy" runningtime="119"]

The Internship fails in several sectors, mainly in being a successful comedy. Throughout the picture, I was waiting for a legitimate joke to make me (or the rest of the audience for that matter) laugh, but instead I was granted with 2 hours of crickets and awkward one-liners, with a plot trying to find meaning within its nonsense. The film departs from the type of comedy we’d expect from these actors, and tries too hard in giving us something new. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but in a case like this, it just doesn’t work.

The Internship fails at what it strives to do, having us reminisce of Vaughn and Wilson’s past successful collaboration, The Wedding Crashers. This time around, we’re given the opposite side of the spectrum, having us drown in a boring and tasteless plot, basically telling us something the world already knows. Technology is prominent. Shocking, I know.

While researching the film, I wasn’t expecting much considering its director, but seeing that Vince Vaughn was credited in the writing sector, I thought it would've been interesting. Looks like I got a slap in the face instead.

We’ve been thrown another generic and mediocre comedy that will have moviegoers questioning its existence within the next 2 weeks.

Sorry boys, but these thumbs are facing down.